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Halloween Scarecrows 2

"Kit Cat"
Love this black, papier-mâché cat
Trying to recreate this for my garden
"Creepy Pumpkinhead"
Creepy and relative easy to construct.
"Brain Eating Baby Pumpkin Cannibal"
"Venus Fly Trap"
"Gravity Defying Pumpkin Head"
Barely Dead Cemetery
"The Barely Dead Cemetery at Sunset"
Ekhoar Uirapuru
"Ekhoar Uirapuru"
by Ramaldes
This really is a work of art.  Check out the construction of this Native American sculpture on Facebook at Ekhoar or on Instagram @Ekhoar
Love this sculpture too, it hits all the Halloween notes.  Scarecrow, check.  Whimsical, check.  Pumpkin Head, check.
Burlap Halloween Scarecrow in the Woods with Crows
"Burlap Scarecrow with Noose"
Kitten on a Pumpkin in Pilgrim Costume
"Kitten Pumpkin Pilgrim"