Florida's Most Phallic Flowers: Voodoo Lily

Pink Voodoo Lily (Amorphophallus bulbifer) Florida, June 2020

#2 Pink Voodoo Lily

(Amorphophallus bulbifer)

My pick for Florida's second most phallic flower is a non-native that blooms in May-June. It is Pink Voodoo Lily. I've had little luck with this plant in the ground but it does well year-to-year in pots and always surprises when it pops up this massive, extremely phallic bloom.

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Pink Voodoo Lily Seeds form like little warts on leaves

Some people call this plant "Old Warty" because it also reproduces with little growths on leaves in summer when the flower doesn't get pollinated.

I've gotten seed from these flowers that were apparently pollinated by wasps and bees that seem to like their scent. Definitely not the pollinator that the plant evolved with. However you are much more likely to get late summer seed produced on the plant's leaves that resemble small potatoes.

Pink Voodoo Lily is native to Southeast Asia, India, and Nepal. It does poorly in the heat and direct sunlight in Florida. It is alssusceptiblele to Florida's early and often dry summer (April-May) when the plant is normally growing and blooming. If you have them in the ground make sure to water them until rainy season begins.

Pink Voodoo Lily