Halloween Scarecrows 3

"Dr. Achy Bones"

Detail below of the "Veryold" Super Pill Keeper. Love that extra touch of detail.

Very Old Pill Organizer

"Deconstructed Scarecrow"

Clever, but is it really Halloween?

Minion's de los Muertos

"Minion's de los Muertos"

While "Minion's" did incorporate pumpkins (above in close up) it didn't evoke Halloween for me.

"Lively the Good Food Witch"

"The Ghoulin Rouge"

"The HomoDepot"

"White Pumpkinhead Fruitcake"

"Whimsical Owl"

"Revenge of the Botanicals"

Scarecrow going into the plant's mouth above,

scarecrow sculls below. Really a clever idea

and well done, but would have done better in

a wide open location where it was more easily viewed.