Halloween Scarecrows 6



There's something I really like about "Jinx," maybe the juxtaposition of the creepiness with

the cuteness and then the basket of puppies and kittens.

Piedmont Park

"Piedmont Park"

Dancing Pumpkin Head

"Dancing King Pumpkin"

Scaretree and the Hidden Yoshies

"Scaretree and the Hidden Yoshies"

Selfie Horse


Sir Crows a Lot

"Sir Crows a Lot"

The Last Straw

"The Last Straw"

Scary Mary the Mixed up Fairy Lady

"Scary Mary the Mixed up Fairy Lady"

Strong Pumpkin Head Convict

"Strong Pumpkinhead"

Great use of pumpkins.

Creepy Pumpkinheads in a Corn Field

"Creepy Pumpkinheads in a Cornfield"