Hand of God

Julian Morris who plays Paul Harris, naked, in the Amazon original series Hand of God

Hand of God

In Hand of God a morally-corrupt judge suffers a breakdown and believes God is compelling him onto a path of vigilante justice. While most professional reviewers panned this Amazon Original Series it gets nearly 8 of 10 stars from viewers. Garret Dillahunt steals most of his scenes as an astonishingly delicate and nuanced KD, an answer-seeking ex-con hired to do the murderous dirty work of corrupt Judge Pernell Harris.

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For our money, however, the real breakout performer is Julian Morris (above and below) who plays a con-man, meth addict preacher who seduces the judge with his crazy Christian babble, and in the process becomes an unwitting accomplice in the murder and mayhem that drives the series. Why is the good Reverend Paul Harris so often naked? You have to watch. . .

Julian Morris and Obba Babatunde in Hand of God on Amazon Prime