Iceland Casa Magna

Iceland Casa Magna

Just south of Akureyri, the best Airbnb in North Iceland is Eyjafjarðarsveit's Casa Magna.

The lovely A-frame is nestled in a meadow above Þverá Golf surrounded by barley fields to the west and blueberry covered foothills to the east.

When we first researched going to Iceland we were shocked by the prices for hotels. A budget room with two twin beds and a small TV rents for $250/night or more. A room at a Hilton or similar can easily set you back $800-$1000/night in season.

So after much searching I found this Airbnb just south of Akureyri.

It is located in barley fields in the foothills of a mountain. Þverá dairy is across the street.

The A-frame has 2 bedrooms downstairs and an open loft bedroom up top.

The kitchen is well appointed and the wi-fi is fast. I attempted to watch TV but the one channel I got was in Icelandic, so I gave up on that pretty quickly.

Most days we were so tired from trekking that we just flopped when we got back to Casa Magna.

If you want to see the sights of North Iceland you have to stay somewhere around Akureyri.

It is too far to drive back and forth to Reykjavik.

Mornings and evenings were special as the clouds and fog moved in and around the mountains on either side of Casa Magna.

There are no photos of the bedrooms as they were small and plain by American standards. The bathrooms in Iceland are very small compared to USA too. The bathroom in Casa Magna was no different. It had a small shower unit, toilet and sink. Very simple.

There was plenty of parking for our crappy rent-a-car. At $2000 a week this is what you get in Iceland. So small I could barely fit behind the wheel and shift gears. It was a 5-speed Romanian-made Dacia, popular in Iceland. They are small with no frills. You feel every bump in the rugged roads.

This was my favorite view, looking out at Akureyri, 6 km to the north. The Akureyri airport is just over the tree-line (yes, there are some trees in Iceland). I never saw any planes land here. The sunsets were always dramatic.

Iceland Casa Magna Hot Tub

At both of the Airbnbs that we rented in Iceland there were hot tubs. It takes about 3 hours to fill the tub with water that is already piping hot.

Akureyri is at the base of that mountain in the distance. What a view!