Killian Belliard

The French Connection

Arguably the most famous of the instafamous personal trainers from France is Killian Belliard. He is a 20-something model and personal trainer who hangs with a group of other 20-something instagram stars producing visually stunning and titillating images while working out, a lot, apparently. Beards are in. Tatoos are out. For the instafamous it is refreshingly unusual that this group of Frenchmen have shunned tattoos.

Recently in Asia

presumably doing personal trainer stuff


with a following approaching 500,000

and a fans only page featuring more salacious images than these PG-rated, that

one can follow for only $9.99 per month.

Its a little different way of earning a living than when we were in Paris in college, but hey, why not. As I recall among other jobs I worked in an ice cold factory moving pallets of food from point a to point b all day. . . but whatever. We find Killian's instagram irresistible.

Summer of Brothers (French), 2.0

Models: @bated_jex, @clemragel, @flo_calisthenics, @maxime_signorino, @stephen_dcrx and Killian. Photographer: @pascalpprl.

L-R, Killian @killian against the wall, Vences Las, and Matthieu Reboul, all instagram stars in their own right. Killian currently has over 400,000 followers while Vences @vences_lass has 38,000 followers and Matthieu @mattrebpro commands 83,000 followers.

Killian Belliard goes grocery shopping

Photos by up-and-coming French photographer Alexis Salgues


Most recently Killian has gone with a softer, younger look (above).

Gone is the long beard (below).